The victims who have suffered abuse at the hands of Judge James “Jim” Bodiford and the citizens of Cobb County have collectively had enough of the judicial corruption and good ole boy system that exists in the Cobb Courts. Together we have to come together and BOOT BODIFORD from office on November 2, 2010, Election Day.

It’s time for the citizens to be the judge. We encourage that you read this site in its entirety so that you can see for yourself why Cobb County cannot take any more of Jim Bodiford! Tell your family, friends, and colleagues so that they too can become empowered and BOOT BODIFORD ON NOVEMBER 2, 2010.

This website will be updated frequently so please continue to come back and view new information!

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ALL INFORMATION on this website has supporting documents to confirm the validity of statements contained herein.

This website is not intended to endorse any candidate for public office. Its primary purpose is to inform the general public of the shameful and underhanded conduct of Cobb County Superior Court Judge James “Jim” Bodiford who is up for re-election.

All comments in the “State Your Opinion” section or comments on any post are solely the opinion of the anonymous commenter and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of www.BootBodiford.com, the site owners, or site developers.

We must also stress that we are not encouraging that you literally “boot” or harm a judge or person in any fashion or commit ANY act of physical violence. We encourage you to give Bodiford the metaphorical boot on November 2, 2010, Election Day, by voting him out of office.

If you have any questions please email: admin@bootbodiford.com

Thank You!